We provide a fun, welcoming and challenging environment designed to foster innovation and creativity while helping each student achieve professional excellence.
We offer music education for individuals of just about every age and skill level.


Our school is a solution for families who would like to expose their children to the world of music.


Our classes help to develop the skills necessary for music learning and a lifelong enjoyment of music. 


We have programs for everyone. In addition to teaching music to children, we instruct adults and seniors.

Our classes

One of most popular choices when first deciding which instrument to learn, the Piano is an excellent introduction into music. Learning the Piano is great for gaining an understanding into music theory and composition. It’s extremely versatile, and our teachers are experienced performers and trained in a variety of styles, including classical, jazz, rhythm & blues as well as popular music. It’s a great starting point for students who also might want to study other instruments at a later date or even try vocal lessons. Check out our group piano classes too, if you’re not quite ready for private lessons.
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String instruments are still extremely popular and extend well beyond the scope of classical music. If you choose to play the violin, viola, cello or bass, you’ll learn proper posture and positioning of both the instrument and the bow, which will soon lead to seeing you play with other students or solo.
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Guitar & Ukulele
This is another very popular instrument, and our guitar teachers are respected performers bringing a wealth of experience to a wide range of genres and styles. Whether one-to-one or group lessons, you’ll learn essential guitar techniques including chords and scales, proper fretting hand and picking. Lessons in guitar cover a variety of musical styles ranging from rock to classical.
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Who doesn’t love singing along to their favourite song? But did you know that you can be taught to be a confident singer? Our singing lessons, given by experienced and professional tutors, teach a variety of techniques to improve performance. With training in posture, breath control, diction and song interpretation, as well as other essentials, you’ll find your voice improving very quickly.
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Did you know that drums are the world’s oldest instrument? Drums and percussion are fundamental instruments for all types of music. Our students start by learning proper grip and hand position, as well as posture at the drum set, and go on to learn drum rolls, rudiments and drum-set coordination.
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Woodwind & Brass
With a variety of fantastic instruments available, our specialised teachers show you a number of essential wind instrument techniques, including breath control and diaphragm use, proper embouchure, ear training as well as scales and arpeggios.
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Early Music Education
We run classes for children under the age of 5 years old. These classes are designed to introduce young children to music, sound, rhythm, body movement and creativity using percussion instruments and body movements. Our 45 minute sessions for parents and children together are usually held in the morning. Contact us for our current session times.
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