Luca Di Chiara・Drums & Percussion

Luca Di Chiara was born in Latina (Italy) and is a professional musician, drummer and music composer. In 1998 he started playing as a drummer in various pubs in Rome with his Crossroad band. Over the years, he mastered his talent of assimilating different style of music by taking inspiration from Claudio Mastracci, Cristiano Micalizzi, Giuseppe Basile, Israel Varela, Andrea D’ascia and various artists of the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome.


Luca did various concerts and jamming sessions in central and south of Italy. He also played with different bands such as ‘Joecondi’ and ‘010’ who are tribute bands of Litfiba and Ligabue. He was also part of a Jazz band called ‘Art Cafe 900’. Between 2015 and 2017, Luca composed and recorded SEVEN disc by songwriter Alessandro Sanna and unpoblished songs of my Crossroad band. From 2010 to 2017 he taught at the ‘Circeo Music School’, Studio Musicum” and gave private lesson of drum and percussion (blues,  pop, rock, funk, latin, jazz).


Luca is currently studying at West London University to expand his teaching knowledge and transmit his passion to his students.


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