has a power of forming the character, and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young"

Client Testimonials


My son is taking piano lessons at Creative Chords. He really enjoys his lessons and is eager to go every time. He has had lessons from Olivia and Ai...

Arzu Carey, Molesey


Olivia is a wonderful and talented person. She knows her students well. Her patience and encouragement has been very much the reason for my 5 years ol...

Tarun Lad, Molesey


We have been very impressed with my daughter's progress. She loves coming to the lesson and enjoyed every time. Thank you for all you have done....

zengtaih ., Molesey


I am grateful to Olivia for her professional and patient approach to teachning adults. Olivia is a great musician and organizer and provides instuctio...

Alexander Mikoyan, Molesey


My son is 6 years old. The violin teacher is really nice and good. That is right place for my son....

Elley Cho, Molesey

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