So you’re thinking of learning to play a musical instrument?  In our opinion, there’s no better relaxation or fun activity, but did you know it’s good for your health too?  It’s known to be of great benefit for your memory, as learning to play an instrument activates both sides of the brain.  Music is also known to help children with literacy skills and there is a wealth of research to show that playing an instrument can relieve stress and anxiety.

   At Creative Chords, we offer you the opportunity to come and meet your teacher, with no obligation.  You pay for your first lesson upfront, but there’s no need for you to enroll straight away.  Have your first lesson and decide if it’s really what you want before making a long-term commitment.

   About private lessons: our world-class experienced teachers can offer you personalised,  private lessons, no matter your age or previous musical training.  We work with a variety of instruments, including piano, guitar, drums, strings, wind and voice and we can even work with your favourite genre. Now that’s personal.

Private lessons allow you to progress at your own pace.  Our teachers can tailor your lessons to your exact needs and abilities, as well as your own individual style.

   We also believe in encouraging performance-based learning, as it assists in a student’s growth and confidence.  We’ll never ask you to perform something out of your comfort zone (unless you want to, of course), but performing can really help to accelerate learning.

   Whether you choose private or group lessons, you won’t just learn how to play your instrument, you’ll learn the essentials of music theory, music appreciation, improvisation and performance/audition preparation.  You’ll even be sight reading music, if that’s what you want to learn.

   If you’re looking to choose music lessons for your children, it’s worth knowing why music and learning an instrument is so beneficial for their development.  Music has been proven to help develop language and communication.  It can enhance physical development and cognitive skills.  It teaches patience and a knowledge that, with practice, comes an achievement. With our performance based learning, playing an instrument can instill confidence and thereby increase self-esteem.