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Developing the minds and hearts of every student to build character and confidence in life.

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Welcome to Creative Chords Music School, where melodies come to life, and talents are nurtured to soar! Step into a world of musical wonder, where we harmonize passion and learning to create unforgettable symphonies. Our school is a sanctuary for aspiring musicians of all ages and levels, offering a diverse array of music programs that cater to individual tastes and ambitions. Whether you dream of mastering classical compositions, jazz improvisations, or modern pop hits, our team of dedicated and accomplished instructors will guide you on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and artistic expression. Unleash your creativity, embrace the rhythm within, and let Creative Chords Music School be the resonant catalyst for your musical odyssey. Are you ready to unlock your true potential and compose the soundtrack of your life? Join us today and let the world bear witness to your extraordinary musical prowess!

Quick results  (on average our students complete their books faster than in other studios)

Individual approach and attention (tailored program focused on hand position, posture, theory, etc)

No registration fees, flexible payment options


Della Reynolds

Creative Chords in East Molesey have a great set up for face-to-face lessons. All very safe, which is great as I really missed my ukulele lessons. I would recommend Creative Chords to anyone wanting to learn to play a musical instrument. Most helpful organisation and taster lesson is free.

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