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Aida Didziulyte



Aida started playing the piano with her mother, a musician, at the age of four. At the age of six, she began studying classical piano at a Ten-Year Music School, where after completion she left achieving the highest grades. At the age of sixteen, she entered the J.Tallat-Kelpsa College of Music in Vilnius, Lithuania. After graduation, she continued studying classical piano under professor R.Karosaite at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, receiving a Bachelor‘s degree in music.

During many years of study, Aida played the world‘s best classical repertoire of both Russian and western composers: J.S.Bach, G.F.Handel, J.Haydn, W.A.Mozart, L.Beethoven, F.Schubert, R.Schumann, F.Chopin, F.Liszt, C.Debussy, P.Tchaikovsky, S.Rachmaninov, A.Scriabin and R.Schedrin. She mastered and perfected her performance skills as well as acquired fundamental knowledge in music theory and music history, child psychology, pedagogy and various techniques of teaching piano.

Aida has over twenty years of piano teaching experience. She created her own method of teaching piano, based on the best Russian Piano School traditions as well as the latest achievements in music pedagogy. She prepares students for exams. Her students perform in concerts, music festivals as soloists and members of chamber ensembles. Two of her students had the opportunity to perform with a Symphony Orchestra. Quite often, Aida’s students have been among the winners of various piano competitions, several have chosen music as a profession.

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